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Bard Drainage Bag, 20/Case

The Bard Bardia Urinary Drainage Bag offers 2000 mL capacity in a Closed System Catheter with anti-reflux valve to prevent urine backflow. The vinyl drain bag is latex-free and is intended for extended care use by patients with urinary incontinence. It hangs at patient's bedside and features a sterile fluid path with a urine sampling port and an easy drain outlet with clamp and tube holder.

There are two hanging options available for the 2000 mL drain bag. The Bard 802001 Drainage Bag is the most popular with a Flexible Hook and the Bard 802002 has Flexible Hook with a Loop Cloth Strap. Buy a single closed system drain bag or a case of 20


  • Large Volume Capacity with Graduation Marks
  • Strong Vinyl Construction Prevents Leakage
  • Prevents Back Flow with Anti-Reflux Valve
  • Hangs at Patient's Bedside
  • Urine Sampling Port
  • Sterile Fluid Path
  • Disposable
  • Unisex


  • Additive : Without Additive
  • Application : Urinary Drain Bag
  • Drain Tube Type : Plastic Clamped Drain Tube
  • Fastening Type : Hook Hanger / Swivel Hanger
  • Graduations : Graduated
  • Material : Vinyl
  • Sterility : Sterile
  • Valve Type : Closed System Anti-Reflux Valve
  • Volume : 2000 mL
  • Latex Free Indicator : Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex


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